Associate in Information Technology

The purpose of this program is to offer a technical training and a basic foundation in the most popular computer software applications as well as a general background in many computer concepts and techniques. Our graduates will be ready to apply for entry-level positions as system specialist, user support specialist, and computer information managers. [...]

Associate in Health Information Management

The Associate of Science in Health Information Management Degree prepares students to be competent health information technicians. Graduates of this program will acquire the skills to manage health information data. Students will learn to maintain adequate and complete medical records, and they will be able to participate in cost-effective information processing. They will learn [...]

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Associate in Business Administration

The Associate of Science in Business program focuses on educating, training, and developing students’ skills to manage the ever-increasing complexities of business. The program will give a foundation on which to build a successful career in business and provide understanding of implementation of business functions in the local and international environment. This program offers [...]

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