Associate in Business Administration

The Associate of Science in Business program focuses on educating, training, and developing students’ skills to manage the ever-increasing complexities of business. The program will give a foundation on which to build a successful career in business and provide understanding of implementation of business functions in the local and international environment. This program offers [...]

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Bachelor in Business Administration

The purpose of the Bachelor of Sciences in Business is to contribute to the education of students with a general knowledge of business and in specific areas of marketing, and international business to develop the necessary competencies and skills in order to be effective leaders in the business world today. There are three main [...]

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Master in Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program enables students to contribute to the business profession and fosters independent learning. Upon completion of this program, students are able to: Evaluate an organization’s financial position through financial statement analysis and/or forecasting. Summarize and discuss the ethical and legal responsibilities of organizations. Apply selected methods of quantitative [...]

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Master in Organizational Leadership

The purpose of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree is to enable students to acquire knowledge and develop competencies that will make them effective leaders at any level of an organization. The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree prepares students to become leaders to serve in today’s dynamic organizations. Students will [...]

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Doctor in Business Administration

The Doctoral of Business Administration (D.B.A.) degree prepares leaders to serve in today’s dynamic organizations. Students will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to lead their organizations through complex changes in our global society by continually transforming their organizations through developing people and processes, and implementing strategic initiatives in order to maintain a [...]

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