Academic Information


Students will be provided with a progress/grade report at the end of each semester. A copy of the report will be placed in the student’s permanent file maintained by the University. Students have online access to their grades immediately after they are posted on the student management system. Evaluation will be formative according to the evidence of the learning outcomes (forum, chats, assignments of learning activities, live discussion, etc.) Students are graded according to the following Grade Point Average (GPA) system:

A 4.0 EXCELLENT 90 – 100
B 3.0 GOOD 80 - 90
C 2.0 AVERAGE 70 - 80
60 - 70
F 0.0 FAILURE * / ** 50 - 0

* Undergraduate course
** Graduate course

Transcript status:

AH Administrative Hold
CR Transferred/Tested
FR Failed/Retaken
W Withdrew

In the Undergraduate level programs a student can receive a “D” grade in a course and still pass the program if the accumulative GPA is 2.0 or above. In the Master’s and Doctorate level programs if a student receives a “D” grade they must repeat the course. The accumulative GPA must be 3.0 or above must be always maintained.

An “F” grade is not acceptable for any program. The student must repeat the course at their earliest possible moment.


Students are expected to meet specific standards of satisfactory academic progress while working toward a degree at the University. Students will be evaluated for academic progress at the end of each term. The satisfactory academic progress policy measures two factors:


1. Undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher (‘C’ average) for all courses attempted. A ‘W’ grade has no effect on the student’s cumulative grade point average.

2.Graduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher (‘B’ average) for all courses attempted. A ‘W’ grade has no effect on the student’s cumulative grade point average.


Students must successfully complete at least 67 percent of the semester credit hours attempted. Credit hour progression is defined as the cumulative total of earned semester credit hours divided by the total number of attempted semester credit hours. For example, if a student enrolled for 12 semester credit hours is required to successfully complete a minimum of 8 term credit hours (12 x .67 = 8) for the term.

The Registrar monitors Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). She/he receives weekly grade reports from faculty, which inform student support, as needed. At the conclusion of each term, the Registrar completes a formal SAP review. The Registrar verifies students’ SAP at the conclusion of each term. Faculty inform students throughout the term if their course grades are unsatisfactory. Students who are not maintaining SAP at the conclusion of a term are informed of their status and are informed of academic disciplinary measures at that time by the Registrar. Any student who fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress for the first time will be placed on Academic Warning during the next term. A student who fails to return to good standing during the warning term will be placed on Academic Probation during the next term.

A student who again fails to return to good standing during the probation period will be dismissed from the University. Should a student be dismissed for unsatisfactory academic progress, he/she may submit a written appeal to the Academic Dean. The appeal must be submitted at least seven business days before the beginning of the next term.

The Academic Dean will review the request and send a written notice to the student stating the final decision regarding the academic dismissal. Students who are unable to maintain SAP are subject to academic probation for one semester. If they are unable to reestablish SAP at the conclusion of that semester, they are dismissed unless they can successfully appeal their dismissal. An appeal may be granted for one additional academic probation semester. This written notification will be sent to the student within seven business days after receipt of the appeal. If unforeseen complications delay the completion of the appeal process, the student will be notified of such. A student who successfully appeals will be reinstated for an additional term and will remain on academic probation for that term. Students are expected to regain minimum academic progress during the appeal term, or they will be dismissed without opportunity for appeal. If a student needs more than one term to regain satisfactory academic progress standing, his or her circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If appropriate, an individual SAP plan will be put in place for the student’s continued enrollment, if the student still has a statistically significant chance of regaining minimum SAP standing prior to program completion.


“Attempted” means all credit hours for which a student is enrolled and has attended after the drop/add date for class enrollment.

Successful completion of a course is defined as earning a passing grade: A “C” or above for graduate students and a “D” or above for undergraduate students. Grades of “W” (withdrawn), and a failing grade (D or F for graduate students and F for undergraduate students), are considered attempted but not completed.

In an undergraduate program, a student can receive a “D” in a course and if the GPA does not go below 2.0 the student can still graduate. In a graduate program, a student can receive a “C” in a course and if the GPA does not go below a 3.0 the student can still graduate.

Students who earn a failing grade must repeat it and earn a passing grade. Once the course is repeated and a passing grade is earned (D or better for undergraduate students and C or better for graduate students), the prior failing grade is removed from the transcript. A Graduate student cannot fail the same course more than twice (2x) before they are expelled from the program.

A grade of “I” (incomplete) is not considered to be successful completion until the course has been completed and the new grade has been officially received and recorded. An Incomplete “I” is a temporary grade which may be given at the Professor’s discretion to a student when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons beyond the control of the student prevent completion of course requirements by the end of the academic term. Students will have two weeks from the term’s end date to complete coursework. Otherwise, the grade will convert to an F.

A grade of “W” is given when a student drops from a course after it begins, and they 76 have attended. Transfer credits are counted toward the student’s current program count as both attempted and completed hours. The Institution does not provide proficiency credits, non-credit courses, and remedial courses, therefore are not considered part of the student’s satisfactory academic progress.


Institution-Wide Retention Rate (2022) 73.78%
Average GPA for Undergraduate Students (2022) 3.00
Average GPA for Graduate Students (2022) 3.75
Graduation Rate (2022) 80.09%
Associate of Science in Business Administration 59.09%
Associate of Science in Information Technology 58.33%
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 85.71%
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership 88.89%
Master of Science in Business Administration 77.65%
Doctor of Business Administration N/A (no enrollment for 2022 cohort)*
Doctor of Education 97.37%

*There were no enrollments in the cohort being reported on for (2022)