Welcome to the frequently asked questions page on our university's website. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about admissions, registrar services, and accounting and finance as well as student services. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

1. How can I apply for admission to the University? +

- You can apply to our university by visiting our website and filling out the online application form or by accessing the admission form directly. For further information, please contact the Admissions Department via email admissions@humboldtiu.com or via WhatsApp at the following telephone number (305) 448-7454. Be sure to review the admission requirements and submit all necessary documents.

2. What are the admission requirements and how much does it cost to enroll? +

- Specific admission requirements vary depending on the program and level of study. In general, you will need to submit the admission form, two photo identification documents, official transcripts for the last academic degree obtained. For the Master's and Doctoral programs, an updated curriculum vitae must be submitted and in the specific case of the Doctoral programs, an essay must be submitted, the instructions for which will be provided by the Admissions Department. The Florida Department of Education requires that submitted transcripts must be original documents. The University gives a deadline of 10 weeks for the submission of transcripts, which must be sent to the following mailing address - HUMBOLDT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY c/o Sindy Martinez. 4000 W Flagler ST, 5th Floor, Miami, FL 33134, USA The registration fees are $280 total, which is broken down as follows:

Registration Fees
Registration Fee 100.00 USD
Mastering E Learning Course 150.00 USD
Technology Fee 30.00 USD
Total payable: 280.00 USD

Unless ALL admission documents are received and are correct, the candidate will not be allowed to attend classes and ultimately graduate.

3. Is it necessary to translate any document? +

If your diploma and transcripts are in a language other than English, it is a mandatory requirement by the Florida Department of Education to have these documents translated. It is your responsibility to do this, for which you can consult the agencies approved by the Florida Department of Education to do these translations. The cost may vary depending on the agency chosen, and in any case must be assumed by the student. The University will give you a deadline of 10 weeks to complete the process.

4. What is the application deadline? +

- The application deadline may vary depending on the program and the period for which you are applying. In any case, interested students should be sure to pay all registration fees and submit the required admission documents two weeks prior to the semester in which they wish to begin classes. The academic calendar can be consulted on our web page.

5. How long does it take to receive an admission decision? +

- The time required to review and process applications varies. After submitting the application and required documents, the admissions office will evaluate your application and you will normally receive an admission decision within 3 days after the documents have been received.

6. Are there scholarships or financial aid options? +

- Yes, our university offers scholarships to students who meet the requirements. For more information, please contact the Admissions Department via email admissions@humboldtiu.com or via WhatsApp at the following phone number (305) 448-7454.

7. What programs does the university offer and how long do they last? +

- The University offers Associate's, Bachelor's, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. You can consult all the information corresponding to each program on our website. For pricing information, please contact the Admissions Department via email admissions@humboldtiu.com or via WhatsApp at the following telephone number (305) 4487454.

8. Is there a possibility of face-to-face classes? +

No, the university operates entirely in virtual mode.

1.What documentation can the Registrar's Office provide to students? +

The Registrar's Office can provide various types of official documents as requested by students as provided in the University's Policies and Procedures. The transcript is included in this documentation and can only be submitted once the initial Mastering E Learning course is completed and once you have started your program. You can also request your transcript, for yourself or for another institution. To request documents, students should contact the registration office by e-mail at registrar@hiuniversity.com.

2. How can I update my personal information, such as my address or phone number? +

To update your personal information, you must contact the registration office directly. They will guide you through the process. You can contact the registration office by emailing registrar@hiuniversity.com.

3. How are subjects and credits assigned per term? +

The subjects are assigned by the academic body in each term based on the supply and demand that exists at the time to complete the corresponding quotas. Special attention is paid to their distribution in relation to the curricular map of their program. During the academic year, which consists of 5 terms of 8 weeks of work each term, our students receive assignments ranging from 3 to 6 credits.

Undergraduate and Master are distributed in two subjects for each period, while the Doctorate program may offer either two courses (3 credits each) or a single course of (6 credits). The University can be flexible based on the needs and particularities of each student. One week before the beginning of each term, the student receives an e-mail notification of his/her assignments corresponding to that period. The first 15 days of the term are available for any necessary adjustments to be made to the course offerings and records. More information can be found in the university catalog, Section 10. Course Description.

4. What are the types of subjects that can be assigned to me? +

There are three ways in which a course can be opened during a term:

  • - Regular: Course consisting of 5 or more students enrolled and developed with weekly activities and Forums that receive continuous feedback from the designated instructor and classmates, based on the online education environment.
  • - By competences: Open course for 1-3 students as a special learning module that allows them to continue their curricular itinerary from an individual work with the preparation of a final integrative work.
  • - By Tutoring: Open courses for 1-3 students where, given the level of complexity of the subject matter, the systematic support of a tutor is necessary to guide the learning process throughout the weeks.
5. How can I check the grades of my courses? +

At the end of a course the student has the classroom platform open where he/she can review the grade of a particular course. To see a student unofficial transcript, they will have to access the SIS with his username and password (https://sis.humboldtiu.com). In the upper section it shows "My menu", "Forms" and then "final grades". You can also request an Unofficial transcript from the university to track your GPA.

6. What happens if I fail a subject? +

If the student fails a subject, he/she will have the opportunity to repeat it in subsequent periods, if it is not a prerequisite to be able to take a subsequent subject. A warning and follow-up will be given to keep the student's GPA within the allowed margins. If he/she fails a second time, he/she will be placed on Academic Probation during the following term and if he/she continues to fail, his/her continuity in the program will be evaluated.

7. Would it be possible to take a temporary break without unsubscribing from the program? +

If due to medical or personal reasons you need to pause your studies or withdraw from the program, the university offers you the opportunity to do so for at least one semester. Your status would then become "Leave of Absence". To obtain a leave of absence, the student must submit a request in writing or by telephone to the Registrar's Office. The request must specify the reason for the absence, the effective date, the start date, and the date on which the student expects to return to the University. During this period, the student's academic load will be withdrawn and reinstated for the next available period where the student's exception concludes. For more information, please contact the Registrar's Office at the following email registrar@hiuniversity.com

8. Can I unsubscribe from an academic year? What is the procedure for this? +

Yes it is possible, but you must take into account the deadlines for adding or dropping courses, as they may vary depending on the academic calendar and established policies. A student who wishes to withdraw from a course may do so without penalty during the add/drop period (fourteen days after the start date). However, if a student withdraws after the add/drop period has ended, but before the beginning of the third week of classes, he/she will be given a grade of "W" in that course, which means that in the future he/she will have to retake the subject. A student who does not comply with the drop procedure will be given a grade of "F" and will be dropped from this course.

Humboldt International University reserves the right to withdraw courses due to unexpected circumstances.

9. Does the University keep my transcript? +

The University, whether the student graduates or is withdrawn from the program, keeps the official documentation in the student's academic record for 5 years. After that period, if the student needs any official documentation, he/she may request it directly from the Registrar's Department.

1. How can I pay my tuition fees? +

- Tuition fee payments can be made through various methods, such as online payment portals (PayPal), bank transfers, or checks. Visit the online campus of our website (top menu) from where you can make your payment through the "make a payment" option.

2. How can I consult my student account or check my financial statements? +

- You can access your student account and view financial statements through your student portal. This portal provides information on fees, payments, and outstanding balances. If you have problems accessing your account or need further assistance, please contact the Financial Assistance department.

3. What happens if I am late paying a balance due? +

- Students will receive reminder emails in the days prior to their payment due date. If the student has not made the payment by the due date, he/she will be reminded again via email for the last time and will be offered a reasonable period to make the payment. Failure to pay the balance due or communicate with the University and receive an approved extension will result in the student being denied access to the platform.

Student Services
1. What services are available to students? +

- Our university offers a range of student services to support your academic and personal success. These services may include academic advising and career counseling and access to the virtual library and its myriad of information resources. Visit our website or contact the student services office for a complete list of available services. Student support is available from the University via email. For technical problems with the platform please write to support@humboldtiu.com, for academic related questions (classes, grades, documents) write to the Registration Department at registrar@hiuniversity.com or the Student Services Department studentservices@humboldtiu.com.

2. How can I access academic advising? +

- Academic advising is typically provided by the academic team who can assist you with course selection, degree planning and academic progress. To access academic advising, you can contact via email studentservices@humboldtiu.com Student Services who will refer you to an academic advisor.

3. Are resources available for career counseling and job placement? +

- Yes, our university offers career counseling services to help students explore career options, develop job search skills, and connect with employment opportunities. These services may include resume writing assistance, mock interviews, and networking events. Contact the Student Services office via email at studentservices@humboldtiu.com.

4. How can I access library resources and materials? +

- Our virtual library offers a wide range of resources, including books, journals, databases, and digital materials. You can normally access these resources online through the university website using your university login credentials through the online campus (top of webpage). If you need help with research or have questions about accessing specific materials, library staff are available to help via email at library@hiuniversity.com.